Be different, use NICKNACK.


Reusable cup with a clip


Just give people NICKNACK and they will never let go of it. They will enjoy it at festivals, sport events and parties.
Stylishly, culturally, nature-friendly. Until the last minute, until the last drop.

NICKNACK kelímky - objemy

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Light, firm and durable material

You can’t just let Nicknack out of your hand.

It’s durable, hygienic and safe.
It will serve you at a festival, sporting event, trade fair or private party.

Custom-printed or plain

Full of colour with the print of your choice.

Unique IML technology enables full-colour photorealistic cup printing or high-quality rotary screen printing for vector graphics.
Alternatively, you can also choose Nicknack in your favourite colour.

Practical clip for hanging

It looks stylish and has a handy clip.

It is the only returnable cup that is easy to carry.
From the Hot Cup to the different variants of the classic Nicknack reversible cup for any beverage.

Transparent or coloured cups

Clear or coloured?!

It’s up to you. Choose Nicknack in your favourite colour, where you can choose from 19 colour variations in different degrees of transparency.

+ custom colors (corporate / Pantone)

Environment-friendly production

The entire production process is carried out with respect for nature.

Energy efficiency, precision and the premium quality of the final product are decisive for us in the production process.
Thanks to modern, efficient and productive technologies, our production lines are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Evolution video

Enjoy NICKNACK’s professional service


How many? What type? Which printing technology to use? That's our responsibility and our experience.


Absolutely hygienic, highly professional. Cleanness is a priority for NICKNACK.


With our support, your event with NICKNACK cups will work like a charm. From A to Z.


We bring NICKNACKs directly from Brno to your bar. As many cups as you want, wherever you want.


Absolutely the easiest way to NICKNACK. And the price? Surprisingly affordable.


We will treat your NICKNACKs to a five-star service. Year-round.

4 reasons for choosing NICKNACK

11years on the market

We were the first to start producing reusable cups in the Czech Republic.

3719satisfied customers

We cooperate with Pilsner Urquell, Colours of Ostrava or Prague’s Kino Art cinema.

12409191manufactured NICKNACKs

Our environment gets cleaner every 5 minutes with the production of each new NICKNACK.

1549tons of saved waste

And that’s still not enough. Give us a hand. Help us raise the number.

Thanks to them, NICKNACK helps both in CR and abroad.

NICKNACK’s use is based on refundable deposits

1 The event attendees pay a deposit for the NICKNACK cups and get their drinks.
2 A used NICKNACK cup is exchanged for a new one at the bar.
3 After returning the NICKNACK cup, the deposit is returned.



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