Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the minimum order quantity for Nicknack?


    • Rotary screen printing technology – from 250 pcs
    • IML technology – from 1000 pcs


    Without print:
    · Transparent with Nicknack logo – from 100 pcs
    · Coloured – from 100 pcs (19 different colours to choose from, which can be combined, but minimum 50 pcs of each colour)
    · Party set (20 pieces)


    Note: Minimum quantity always applies to one size and one graphic motif.

  • What is the minimum delivery time?

    The usual delivery times are:

    • Cups without print: 1 week from receipt of payment
    • Rotary screen printing technology: 2 – 3 weeks
    • IML technology: 4 – 5 weeks

    Factors that may increase delivery time include:

    • Nicknack season – May to September – production is usually most utilised during this period
    • Quantity of cups · direct proportionality applies here, the larger the quantity, the longer the production time
    • Number of colours · the more colours in rotary screen printing, the longer the production time. With IML technology, the number of colours is not important.
  • Can we rent your cups?

    We are happy to rent NICKNACK cups in the following variants.

    • NN 0,5l from 20 boxes of 216 pieces (4320 pieces)
    • NN 0,3l from 18 boxes of 252 pcs (4536 pieces)
  • Does the rentatal service include a cup washing service?

    Yes, washing service is included in the rental price.

  • What about transport?

    You can personally pick up the cups in Brno or we will be happy to deliver them to any address you choose.

  • When is it necessary to use white base colour for printing?

    For rotogravure screen printing, it is necessary to use a white base colour when printing on a colored cup with a color other than black and white. The white base colour is important to highlight the colours used.

  • From what quantity can we store NICKNACK cups with you?

    In order to keep an overview in our storage centre, the individual editions of the cups are stored in pallet spaces.
    The minimum is one pallet space, which can hold up to 5000 cups (Ex. 1 · 5000 pcs = 1x pallet, 5001 · 10000 pcs = 2x pallet, etc.). A flat fee per calendar year and pallet space is charged for this service.

  • Is it possible to print 2 logos opposite each other?

    Due to the limitations of the printable area of rotary screen printing technology, we cannot print two logos opposite each other.
    IML technology offers printing over the entire surface of the cup, excluding the clip parts. Please refer to the print data preparation instructions for more information on print dimensions.

  • Why is it not possible to make a sample of my own edition?

    Sample production is not possible due to time constraints, as sampling would disrupt the continuity of the entire production process. To give you an idea of the design of your edition, we provide a graphic visualisation, which is prepared by our graphic designer on the basis of the materials you provide.

  • Can you print a photo using rotary screen printing technology?

    Screen printing technology does not allow printing a real photograph as you know it. The alternative is the Raster Graphics method, which is limited to black and white images, but you must always allow for the overprinting of the base colour.
    IML technology remains the best method to transfer your photo to the cup, offering full·color photorealistic printing.

  • Can I wash my cups in the dishwasher?

    Yes, you can wash your NICKNACK cup repeatedly in the dishwasher, gastro dishwasher or on a spulboy brush washer without damaging it. The cup print is waterproof and permanent.

  • From what quantity will you wash our own edition?

    We provide a washing service for your purchased NICKNACK cup edition in any quantity. One day per week is reserved for this service, specifically every working Monday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Contact person and email for ordering the washing service: Lukáš Gajdoš, .

  • Why is there not a price list on your website?

    The price of the original edition depends on several important factors such as the size of the cups, the number of pieces, the colour of the cups, the number of colours of printing. We will therefore be happy to prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

  • Is it possible to pour a hot drink into a NICKNACK cup?

    The NICKNACK cup is not only the preferred option for cold drinks. You can easily use it for tea, coffee, grog, mulled wine, chocolate, punch… in short, for all hot drinks you know and don’t know up to 130 °C.