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If you want to change the world, just start with yourself. We have decided for NICKNACK, because we believe it is useful. And we are not alone. We have managed to make an impact on thousands of others.

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Who is the brain behind Nicknack?



NICKNACK continues to grow and we are recruiting new team members . We are expanding our portfolio with a fourth cup with a clip, sized 0.25l. We have a lot of customers in the Moravian-Silesian Region and therefore open a new washing center in Ostrava. We establish cooperation with the football team SK Slavia Praha, which introduces reusable cups at its matches. We are improving the IML technology, the printable area is larger and the cup is upgraded. We hold a presentation at the Business & Zero Waste / Yes or No? Conference, presenting the concept of reusable cups. We are partnering with the Ministry of the Environment (Enough of Plastic campaign). We partner with the FESTAS Association and attend all membership meetings, where we meet with festival promoters and participate in individual steps and decisions. We have a fully robotized workplace with a new ecological injection molding machine that significantly minimizes the ecological footprint of the cups' production.


We changed the visual design of our website's product section and added a new product: a 0.4l cup. We shot a new ad. An interview with NICKNACK was featured in the Forbes magazine. We expanded our warehouses and the team in our washing centre. We established new cooperation in Hungary and the Netherlands. The cups were used also at the Banát festival in Romanian mountains. Zoos, football teams and companies were joined even by cities and towns. In Litomyšl, records were broken thanks to NICKNACKs. NICKNACKs reduced waste consumption on dozens of conferences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we participated in Nouvelle Prague for the fourth year. Instead of relaxing after a busy summer season, NICKNACK dressed up for rock and went on tours with bands such as Kabát, Dymytry and Horkýže slíže. Kryštof's successful mega-concert at Prague's Strahov stadium and the ending of Divokej Bill's tour proved that the cups belong also to halls and stadiums, from where the fans bring them home with the bands' T-shirts and CDs.


We expanded our team. Our office grew bigger with more employees. The production was of even higher quality and eco-friendlier thanks to the new Japanese injection molding machine. We cooperated with leading festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad and our clients included additional big and small breweries. We appeared on Czech TV screens in the show "Gejzír dobrých nápadů" and people slowly stopped asking: "What are these cups?". We shot our first video at the Pohoda Festival.


NICKNACKs were used at the Czech pop band's Kryštof tour, starting the beginning of our very successful cooperation with the leading Czech band. We expanded our presence in Slovakia, Poland and elsewhere. NICKNACKs started to be used also in other countries and we spread news and pictures of cups via Facebook and Instagram.


We went to the legendary Pohoda festival in Slovakia. We were there to enjoy the music while NICKNACKs did their own business (totally 100,000 pieces). The most beautiful reusable cups in the world were created. Visitors to the ZOO Dvůr Králové were absolutely delighted. We entered NICKNACK phase 2.0 as we started to use a new print technology – IML.


NICKNACK heard "Na zdrowie!" toast for the first time as Polish brewery Kampania Piwowarska poured Tyskie, Zubr and Lech beers into the cups. Our clientele started to grow – we delivered the cups to sport stadiums, trade fairs, clubs and cinemas. Another official letter came. Our reusable cup with a clip was recognised by the Czech Patent Office. And we celebrated the birth of a new family member – the 0.3l NICKNACK.


We started our machines and launched serial production. We signed deals with Pilsner Urquell, Colours of Ostrava, Hip Hop Kemp and Swedish Rockstadt Falun. Media took notice of us. And what's more, we received certification from Alicante that "NICKNACK has been registered as a new industrial design for the whole EU".


We launched our NICKNACK prototype with a clip. We established the company H2D s. r. o.  We showcased our product at local events around Brno. Organisers and participants enjoyed it.


We visited festivals and enjoyed music. We waded through an ocean of disposable single-use cups. We thought of how to get rid of them. We came to the idea of requiring a deposit for the cups. We looked for inspiration around the world.

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