Pohoda Festival

First weekend in July was dedicated to the 24th edition of Pohoda Festival. This year  known as Pohoda on the Ground. The organization of the festival was different due to the pandemic regulations. During five days the festival was divided into smaller series of one-day festivals with a capacity of 1000 visitors. Besides the music scene, visitors might enjoy several other activities, which would not be possible to do during the classic Pohoda festival, such as roller skates, scooters, and boards. Despite all the changes the specific chilled atmosphere aligned with its name remained the same, as we love it. 


NICKNACK and Pohoda festival are really close and we are happy to see how this festival has developed over the years. We first started to cooperate in 2014, when there were only produced nicknacks on 0,5L volume. Since this year we have never missed on this event. Gradually we started to produce 0,3L nicknacks for wine, our hot cups for coffee or tea and reusable boxes for meals. After 7 years since the first design we still see them being reused and loved by visitors, supporting  the sustainability of the whole event . 


The festival became the first to provide refreshments completely in reusable packaging and received the European Festival Awards for its ecological solution. Over the years of our cooperation, Pohoda is a leading green festival, which makes us very proud and happy and we are looking forward to see what the future brings for this wonderful event.