Nicknack in 2016

We have already pulled the biggest festivals out of the imaginary sea of dirty cups.

This year, Nicknacks were used at most major events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – at Colours of Ostrava, Pohoda Festival, Let it Roll, Hip Hop Camp, Trutnoff, Masters of Rock or Off Festival. However, Nicknacks were used at many other events. For the first time this year, we made a deal with the Metronome festival, the Ostravar Brewery Festival, the aforementioned Off Festival and Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Poland. Festival after festival, event after event, we save from drowning in garbage.

Music fans are not the only ones who can refresh themselves from our cups during the hot festival days. Hockey and football, and newly also cycling, fans may enjoy the experience and help as well. Returnable cups were raised for a toast to honour bikers at the World Cycling Championship in Nové Město na Moravě. Likewise, the skaters on the legendary Mystic Sk8 cup sprinkled their throats after challenging racing with a drink from the Nicknack cup.

We establish new relationships, strengthen the old ones and try to keep it clean and minimise waste wherever people take the cup.