What do we do with broken nicknacks?

We are often asked how cups that can no longer fulfill their function are handled. People wonder if we throw them in a landfill or to the sea. We can assure you, that we never did such a practices and never will 🙂

For several years NICKNACK has been cooperating with Brnometal company from Brno, which deals with the recycling of plastics, PET bottles and other packaging materials. In its sheltered workshop, Brnometal will sort discarded and no longer usable cups into printed and unprinted ones. Afterwards sorted crucibles are processed on a mechanical mill into a crumb.  This is further provided to specific customers for processing as production material. One of the customers is, for example, a local company that manufactures plastic accessories for furniture, laundry baskets, buckets and various plastic products.


In order to fulfill and adhere to one of the most important and basic principles of the circular economy: change waste in raw materials !! ♻️