We changed the visual design of our website’s product section and added a new product: a 0.4l cup. We shot a new ad. An interview with NICKNACK was featured in the Forbes magazine. We expanded our warehouses and the team in our washing centre. We established new cooperation in Hungary and the Netherlands. The cups were used also at the Banát festival in Romanian mountains. Zoos, football teams and companies were joined even by cities and towns. In Litomyšl, records were broken thanks to NICKNACKs. NICKNACKs reduced waste consumption on dozens of conferences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we participated in Nouvelle Prague for the fourth year. Instead of relaxing after a busy summer season, NICKNACK dressed up for rock and went on tours with bands such as Kabát, Dymytry and Horkýže slíže. Kryštof’s successful mega-concert at Prague’s Strahov stadium and the ending of Divokej Bill’s tour proved that the cups belong also to halls and stadiums, from where the fans bring them home with the bands’ T-shirts and CDs.