Reusable cup with a clip

Just give nicknack to folks and they would never let go of it. It looks stylish. It’s so easy to handle. It’s unique as one of its kind. It is portable, durable and hygienically tested. It can be used at festivals, sport events, trade fairs and private parties as well.
It can even be used in the household and can serve as a souvenir.

Photorealistic IML

Photorealistic print around the whole cup? Only with iml technology just from 2000 pcs.


Available in many colours and various transparencies

Silk screen printing

Now can you imagine your logo or simpler motive on nicknack? Thanks to rotary silk screen printing it can last for years. Just from 250 pcs.

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Keep your hands free

The empty cup isn’t a burden,
just hang it on your belt.

I am a bit of a hero

Clipping more nicknacks together enables you to carry more beer at a time.

Space saving

Nicknacks are designed to fit into another.

Make a mark, have your nicknack printed

Would you like nicknack to be useful and fashionable souvenir? Suggest your own graphic motive.
It will serve as an original representation of your brand.

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We rent, wash and store

We can provide you with first class service. Starting with excellent coffee and ending up with support for stock-taking.

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You can have your Nicknack in many colors

Feel the nicknack quality

  • Specific index line verification (Czech Metrology Institute)
  • Hygienic approval (Technical and Testing Institute)
  • Repeated use certificate (Test and Certification Institute)
  • Industrial design registration certificate (Office for Inland Market Harmonisation)
  • CZ industrial design registration certificate (Office for Industrial Property)
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