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NICKNACK is celebrating its 10th Birthday! We decided to hold the celebration of our 10th birthday a bit untraditionally and organized the first NICKNACKFEST 2021 for employees and friends of the company. The program was really full. Guests could compete in NN games activities which included special NICKNACK disciplines and the band, DJ and singer provided a great atmosphere. 

We would like to thank everyone who supported us on our journey. Namely our employees and friends, it wouldn’t be possible to celebrate this jubilee without you!

Olympic Park

The Tokyo Olympics is the world’s most followed event of this year. And in our office it isn’t otherwise. We support Czech sport at the Olympics and we would like to congratulate our Olympians on winning medals. We keep our fingers crossed for more fights to come.✊🥇✊ In the Olympic parks in Prague and Brno,visitors may also enjoy their drinks from these amazing nicknacks!

Pohoda Festival

First weekend in July was dedicated to the 24th edition of Pohoda Festival. This year  known as Pohoda on the Ground. The organization of the festival was different due to the pandemic regulations. During five days the festival was divided into smaller series of one-day festivals with a capacity of 1000 visitors. Besides the music scene, visitors might enjoy several other activities, which would not be possible to do during the classic Pohoda festival, such as roller skates, scooters, and boards. Despite all the changes the specific chilled atmosphere aligned with its name remained the same, as we love it. 


NICKNACK and Pohoda festival are really close and we are happy to see how this festival has developed over the years. We first started to cooperate in 2014, when there were only produced nicknacks on 0,5L volume. Since this year we have never missed on this event. Gradually we started to produce 0,3L nicknacks for wine, our hot cups for coffee or tea and reusable boxes for meals. After 7 years since the first design we still see them being reused and loved by visitors, supporting  the sustainability of the whole event . 


The festival became the first to provide refreshments completely in reusable packaging and received the European Festival Awards for its ecological solution. Over the years of our cooperation, Pohoda is a leading green festival, which makes us very proud and happy and we are looking forward to see what the future brings for this wonderful event.


HOT CUP at Dakar Rally

This is something we haven’t seen before! NICKNACK HOT CUP at Dakar Rally 🔥 

We keep our fingers crossed for Ján Miloň and his Jantar Team for the best possible position! 🏆 



NICKNACK helps❤️

Despite the initial fear in this uncertain times, the NICKNACK team decided to donate blood. We were in the great hands of the nurses of the University Hospital Brno – Transfusion Department of Bohunice.

Every drop can help and blood donation will for sure become an annual tradition at NICKNACK. Try it too, the feeling is really worth it! 

NEW NICKNACK Washing Center in Prague

The idea of getting closer to our customers has been in our heads for a long time, we were just looking for the right space. 

The new NICKNACK Washing Center Prague meets the strictest hygienic standards, can handle tens of thousands of returnable cups per day and offers large storage spaces.

An integral part of our new washing center is the Prague NICKNACK Team. Thanks to this we are more available and our services reach higher quality supported by many years of experience. NICKNACK Washing and Storage Center Prague complements the offices in Brno and Ostrava ➡️ to eliminate emissions and transport costs ✅✅

Prague Pride 2020

The jubilee 10th year of the festival Prague Pride starts today and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.  🌈

The festival’s weekly program will offer more than a hundred events focusing on the lives of sexual minorities (LGBT).

Some of the events will also take place online on the web: 

With the implementation of reusable cups, the rainbow festival decided to be more green in terms of ecological footprint ♻️ ✅

Nymburk city

The town of Nymburk in cooperation with Pivovar Nymburk – Postřižinské pivo introduces these beautiful NICKNACKs to its cultural events ❤️

The implementation of returnable cups will drastically reduce disposable waste at urban cultural events. In addition, the course of the cultural event itself will be incomparably cleaner than it used to be. 

Our IML Technology! How real does it look?

A beautiful example of what our unrivaled photorealistic printing can do! 😮🤩

NICKNACK, there is not such a cup as ours! 🔥❤️

This particular returnable cup is made on the occasion of the release of one of the most anticipated games of 2020 – The Last of Us Part II. 

You can order the game with a beautiful cup only on 

What do we do with broken nicknacks?

We are often asked how cups that can no longer fulfill their function are handled. People wonder if we throw them in a landfill or to the sea. We can assure you, that we never did such a practices and never will 🙂

For several years NICKNACK has been cooperating with Brnometal company from Brno, which deals with the recycling of plastics, PET bottles and other packaging materials. In its sheltered workshop, Brnometal will sort discarded and no longer usable cups into printed and unprinted ones. Afterwards sorted crucibles are processed on a mechanical mill into a crumb.  This is further provided to specific customers for processing as production material. One of the customers is, for example, a local company that manufactures plastic accessories for furniture, laundry baskets, buckets and various plastic products.


In order to fulfill and adhere to one of the most important and basic principles of the circular economy: change waste in raw materials !! ♻️ 

Hot Cup – a revolutionary cup not only for coffee

You might have heard that we were working on some surprises. For the upcoming year 2020, we have prepared a novelty for you – HOT CUP!  To fulfill the wishes of our customers we have added to our reusable nicknacks line a cup with a lid designed for all types of hot drinks.


Original, design and reusable cup that not only works but also looks good with any type of print on it! Thanks to the innovative design, it allows you to enjoy your hot beverage comfortably while holding it in your hands.


HOT CUP will warm up all lovers of hot drinks!


This autumn is NICKNACK preparing a number of news for you. One of them will be our brand new website. 

NICKNACK is not only about the ecology and practicality of our cups, but also about relationships with our customers and those who have trusted us for years. The current appearance of the website, although functional, has not been updated for a long time, and it deserves a nice modernized coat. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you in order to secure cups for your every event or for every venue. Therefore we are currently working to make our new website clear and functional.  Hopefully thanks to the new website, we will be a little closer to you.

NICKNACK cups at Burger Street Festival

Burger street festival is an annual event where you can taste various types of burgers from traditional to vegan. Plus this year is a bit special for every visitor! Burger Festival has decided to implement reusable cups, because everybody needs a good drink to a great burger! And we all know that drinking without waste is a way to go. 

NICKNACK Cups in Holidaypark Kováčová

Summer fun is in full swing and many of you like to spend your free time at the swimming pool.

One of the modern swimming pools you can visit is Holidaypark Kováčová in Slovakia, where you can enjoy your favourite drink from a NICKNACK cup!

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

NICKNACK Cups at Hrady CZ Festival

Live music and Czech cultural heritage sites

This attractive combination is offered by the ČESKÉ HRADY.CZ cultural festival, which decided to turn away from disposable plastic and use NICKNACK returnable cups at all of its events.

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

NICKNACK Cups at Otava River

he boating season is here and with it our NICKNACK cups, which help keep our rivers clean! On the Otava River, for example, you can no longer buy beer in a disposable cup.


For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

NICKNACK Cups at Kabát Concerts

Legendary Czech band Kabát celebrates 30 years in showbiz and sets out on a celebration tour with NICKNACK cups. You can see the cups e.g. at Kabát’s show in Plzeň.

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

Music Band The Tap Tap Presents Own NICKNACK Cup Edition

At the Pojď dál (Come In) festival, The Tap Tap not only played a great concert, but also presented its own edition of the NICKNACK Cup.

All proceeds from unreturned deposits will be donated to additional projects by the band, linked to the Jedlička Institute and Schools (JÚŠ) for physically disabled young people.

NICKNACK CUPS at Slavkov Chateau

Slavkov near Brno is known mainly as the site of Napoleon Bonaparte’s biggest triumph!

The Slavkov Chateau offers many souvenirs honouring Napoleon, incl. this NICKNACK cup.

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

We Managed to Save 60+t of Waste in 2018!

We managed to save more than 60 tons of waste in 2018!

The year 2018 was a very successful one for us, because we managed to replace ca. 5 million disposable single-use plastic cups with NICKNACK cups. This amount of disposable cups would otherwise generate over 60 tonnes of waste, which is a very high figure indeed!

Thank you for helping protect the environment!

New 0.25l NICKNACK Cup

Winter is here and with it our new NICKNACK Cup!

Newly available is our 0.25l cup, ideally suited mainly for hot beverages.

A perfect fit for Christmas markets on refreshments in ski resorts.

Participation at Nouvelle Prague and Festas Member Meeting

In November we attended the Nouvelle Prague conference, where we had the opportunity to learn about the latest topics in live music production.

In addition, NICKNACK attended the membership meeting of the Association of Festivals – FESTAS, of which NICKNACK has been a member since this year.

At both of these events, we had the opportunity to obtain a lot of useful information and, most importantly, meet with the festival’s promoters.

NICKNACK at Business & Zero Waste/ Yes or No? Conference

Does the Zero Waste concept have its place in business?

We have answered this question together with other participants at the conference: Business & Zero Waste/ Yes or No?

We had presented at the event the concept of returnable cups, especially the advantages of the NICKNACK cup.

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to speak at this conference.

NICKNACK Cups on Earth on a Plate

The Země na talíři/Earth on a Plate Festival is a documentary film festival that deals with environmental issues. The festival’s themes include disposable plastics. We are happy to be part of the festival.



Mělník and Pálava Wine Fests

Visitors and wine lovers were able to drink from NICKNACK cups for the first time at the Mělník Wine Fest and Pálava Wine Fest.

Visitors not only praised the cleanness of the facility, but Pálava Wine Fest also managed to reduce the amount of produced waste substantially from 110 to 50 tons, said Pálava Wine Fest director David Gerneš.

NICKNACK Cups at Digital Forest Festival

That’s what we call responsible approach!

,,It takes some extra effort, but we said to ourselves that we care how much plastic waste leave behind and what we drink from.” Digital Forest Festival

As a result, psytrance music fans could drink for the first time from these psychedelic cups! 

NICKNACK Cups Really Reduce Amount of Waste!

nd here’s the proof that NICKNACK cups really reduce waste! ???

“In 2016, when we did not yet know you existed, we took 370 kg of garbage to a landfill. Last year, thanks to NICKACK cups, we cut the garbage to 250 kg. This year the garbage weighed 210 kg at the landfill, even though we had more visitors. ”

Keep Respect

NICKNACK Cups at Pohoda Festival

For the first time, the Pohoda Festival had these beautiful 0.3l cups made for their collection of cups!

And we have to say that they are really beautiful!

Who is going to the Pohoda Festival?

Already this week!

More on the cups at nd under the hashtag #napijsejinack



Smaller Festivals Highly Interested in NICKNACK Cups

We are very pleased with this year’s massive interest of less known festivals in NICKNACK cups! We appreciate that these festivals contribute to environment protection. The production runs 24/7 and we make every effort to make sure that you can drink from our cups at as many events as possible. You can use our cups at: Festival Zámeček, Bílovická Křižovatka, Motákfest and Pivo KRUM.

Thank you!

More on the cups at nd under the hashtag #napijsejinack



New NICKNACK Cups Edition to Commemorate Czechoslovakia’s 100th Anniversary

This year we celebrate one hundred years since the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state!? o mark this unique occasion, we have created a new edition of NICKNACK design cups, from which you can drink for the first time at the RE: PUBLIKA! Festival! At the festival, you may enjoy First Republic meals , movies  and many exhibitions! The festival runs until June 17, 2018. Are you going to celebrate the anniversary with us? 


For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

SK Slavia Praha

SK Slavia Praha gets started with NICKNACK cups this year! ⚽ The football team has won the beautiful second position in the league, earned its ticket to the Champions League pre-season and secured participation in the European League. What other success will NICKNACK cups bring?

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.


When on job portal no longer workers you can find,
NICKNACK helps you hire and brings peace of mind!

Globally renowned company has shown how creative hiring new employees can be.

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

NICKNACKs in Africa

NICKNACK cups from the Dvůr Kralové Zoo brought joy to primary schools in the African village of Tengenenge in Zimbabwe. The cups from the Africa Live event were sent to small schoolchildren, which gave us a huge smile on our faces. We would like to thank and send greetings to Zoo Safari Dvur Kralove Czechy and children at the Tengenenge Primary School and Horse Shoe School.

More NICKNACKs in Poland

Another important contribution to the Polish market this year are the cups for the GKS Tychy hockey team, which has acquired 0.4l cups edition for this year’s play off. We hereby greet and wish good luck to our Polish colleagues.Z ekologia na tak, napij se z nicknack.

More information on Facebook.

Let’s Have a Toast from Olympic NICKNACKs

At the weekend we had an official toast and celebrated Martina Sáblíková’s and Eva Samková’s Olympic success at the Brno Exhibition Center at the Olympic Festival in Brno. However, the real celebrations took place after the weekend, thanks to the phenomenal success of Ester Ledecká, who won a gold medal at Super-G on Sunday, which surprised the whole world and pleased the whole Czech Republic.

We believe and hope that we will be able to toast in Brno and Ostrava to Czech athletes’ additional success, naturally from Nicknack Czech Team cups.

For more info on the cups, see Facebook or the hashtag #napijsejinack.

NICKNACK on Kabát Tour 2017

The end of the year was the hardest in Nicknack’s in history.
The cups went on a concert tour with rock bands.
The first band was none smaller than legendary Czech rock band Kabát.
Kabát played 19 successful shows throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Our returnable cups were also successful, as many fans took them away as a memory of an already unforgettable show.


Kryštof at Strahov Stadium

The open-air season has ended and Nicknacks are moving from festivals and outdoor events to the warmth of stadiums and halls.

The summer season was brought to a successful end with the mega-concert of popular Czech band Kryštof, which celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Strahov Stadium in Prague.

The show that no major international band would have to be ashamed of was a success and social networks were full of NICKNACK cups with the coloured “25” sign. Many cups were also taken home by the fans along with beautiful memories. Naturally, we are very pleased with this and look forward to seeing you at the next concert, sports match, in the bar or even with friends at a party.

You can have a drink from a NICKNACK cup anywhere.

Nicknack in Forbes

We are very pleased that the media are writing about us again, this time in the March issue of the Forbes magazine, which features an article on Nicknack returnable cups, with the title that says it all – Plast & Chlast (Plastic & Booze).

You can Nicknack works and how the project was formed on page 84 in the Forbes magazine.

Nicknack in 2016

We have already pulled the biggest festivals out of the imaginary sea of dirty cups.

This year, Nicknacks were used at most major events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – at Colours of Ostrava, Pohoda Festival, Let it Roll, Hip Hop Camp, Trutnoff, Masters of Rock or Off Festival. However, Nicknacks were used at many other events. For the first time this year, we made a deal with the Metronome festival, the Ostravar Brewery Festival, the aforementioned Off Festival and Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Poland. Festival after festival, event after event, we save from drowning in garbage.

Music fans are not the only ones who can refresh themselves from our cups during the hot festival days. Hockey and football, and newly also cycling, fans may enjoy the experience and help as well. Returnable cups were raised for a toast to honour bikers at the World Cycling Championship in Nové Město na Moravě. Likewise, the skaters on the legendary Mystic Sk8 cup sprinkled their throats after challenging racing with a drink from the Nicknack cup.

We establish new relationships, strengthen the old ones and try to keep it clean and minimise waste wherever people take the cup.

Liberec White Tigers 2015/2016 Ice Hockey Extra League

A fight for the throne until the last moment. The final series between hockey teams Liberec White Tigers and Sparta Prague was decided in the sixth duel, which offered a great drama. Although the Tigers had a clear playing and shooting advantage, they failed to transform it into a goal, so the match went into overtime. Not even twenty minutes was enough, until the second extension brought the golden joy. At 85:19 Martin Bakoš hit and started an incredible euphoria. The White Tigers have a really historic season behind them. At the end, the group coached by Filip Pešán could raise not only the Presidential Cup for the winners of the regular season, the Masaryk Cup for the Champion of Extra League, but also have a toast with the filled NICKNACK cups with the finals’ motif. Congratulations!

Nicknack Competes for 2015 Business Story of the Year Award

Consulting and audit company Ernst & Young has included Nicknack in the 2015 Entrepreneur Of The Year competition. The panel of judges has selected, from almost 60 nominated companies, 8 of the most interesting projects competing for your support in the public vote for the Best Business Story of 2015.

We regard our listing in the final selection of most interesting projects as a confirmation that our vision of gradually replacing disposable cups with Nicknack returnable cups is the right choice.

You can vote for our story in the IDNES poll.

On Tour with the Best Czech Band

Popular pop-rock band KRYŠTOF has launched its fall tour with two sold-out shows in Ostrava. Concerts in the Rondo hall in Brno, the O2 Arena in Prague, as well as in Liberec and Pardubice, will follow. Nicknack, in cooperation with the band, has prepared a surprise for fans – the limited edition of Srdcebeat cups. Enjoy!

Nicknack Supports Children in the Himalayas

For the second year, Brontosauři v Himalájích/Brontosaurs in the Himalayas, together with Nicknack, will showcase a beautiful outdoor exhibition at several summer music festivals. It tells the story of the cooperation of residents from the village of Mulbekh and the Brontosaurs in the Himalayas with eleven 2×1.5m-sized photographs. After viewing the exhibition, festival visitors may support the organization’s activities by placing a solid plastic cup in the prepared barrel located next to the exhibition, thus donating the deposit for the cup for a good cause. The proceeds will go to the Indian village of Mulbekh, where they will support the construction of a school campus and improve local children’s access to quality education.

Brno’s Football Icon Says Goodbye

On Saturday June 27, inimitable soccer player Petr Švancara will close s his playing career at the legendary Za Lužánkami stadium in Brno. Petr and NICKNACK decided to prepare a limited edition for fans that will commemorate the rebirth of the Za Lužánkami stadium. At the same time, by buying a cup with a cup fans may provide financial support for the reconstruction of the stadium and the work of volunteers who have worked hard for six months to clean the stadium and its surroundings.

Hook your eagle!

Hook your eagle! 3 stars right on knickknack. Collect edition for players!

Nicknack in Café Art

You can now enjoy your favourite movie with a unique movie cup in the Brno Café Art. Enjoy yourself!

Pilsner Fest

The Pilsner Fest attracted 45,000 visitors, who had drunk 90,000 beers. Celebrate Pilsner Beer Day with Nicknack.

The summer was really hot and a lot was drunk

Nicknack was with you the whole summer at festivals like Masters of Rock, Vysočina fest, Hip Hop Camp, Benátská night, Heats 4 Love, The Sun festival, Trutnov Open Air festival, Grape, Vojtěch Dyk and B-Side Band, Rocking Colours of Ostrava, Let it roll.